Love comic sans. It's laid back

Customer Faves  

The Grilled Chicken Pita - Love at first bite. Customers that have tried it,          reorder it every time for years.  Comes with homemade ranch & 1 side.


 Country Fried Steak  - Country cooking that comes with 2 sides &                                                        and gravy. Don't forget that gravy.


 Half Pound and Whole pound Hand Pressed Cheeseburgers  - Everyday                    we Flatten em out and everyday they vanish like delicious Magic.


 Buffalo Spinach Wrap - Spicy Buffalo Chicken with lettuce and tomato all             rolled up in a tasty, warm spinach tortilla.  Add Blue cheese crumbles              ifyou like. Yummers.

 Old fashioned Malts - The real deal. No gelatinous artificial garbage!  

 Hand cut Ribeye Steaks   Thusday- Sunday  We cut em every Thursday

     so they are always fresh for the weekend. Let us sear one of these juicy       beauties for you. Comes with 2 sides and a sweet yeast roll.


 Hawaiian Salad- We start with a cool, made to order Garden Salad, then       top it with Grilled Teriaki Chicken and Pineapple, Chow Mein noodles and-         Mandarin- Ginger Dressing. Comes with a grilled roll.

 Our Breakfast Skillet - Starts with a pile of our awesome Home fried                    potatoes with onions and peppers. We top them with country fried                 steak, eggs and white gravy. Comes with toast or biscuit as well.